What Do Baseball and Business Have in Common?

Many entrepreneurs beat themselves up looking to hit a grand slam home run.

I’ve helped many entrepreneurs create their business strategies and overcome personal roadblocks that hold them back. In my keynote speeches at conferences and in my coaching sessions, I give entrepreneurs and small business owners a new, empowering way to look at their businesses and redefine what success means to them. Let me tell you a story.

I was at the Book Expo a couple of years ago when I overheard two sales people.

One said, “You know, everyone here thinks you have to hit a home run or a grand slam home run.”

The other said, “Yeah, all you have to do is hit a lot of singles and you score a lot of runs.” It’s so true. My grandfather used to say, “If you watch over the nickels, the dollars take care of themselves.” Maybe your grandparents said something similar.

What I see as one of the biggest problems of beginning marketers is that they feel like they got to grab the brass ring. They’ve got to hit it out of the ballpark. If they don’t, they’re a miserable failure.

I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. Not in real life. Not in baseball. A grand slam home run is a rare event.

As entrepreneurs, we should give ourselves that same freedom and flexibility to say, “Well, this one idea didn’t work. Let’s try another one.”

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Dan Janal has written over a dozen landmark books, including 6 for John Wiley & Sons, that have been translated into 6 languages. He is an inspiring business keynote speaker who helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams of creating a successful business, leading a balanced life, and achieving financial freedom. You will also find him frequently on webinars, podcasts, and radio shows. he's probably the only person who created 8 different businesses that make $100,000 a year by using 8 different business models. He has spoken on marketing topics and futurism in six countries and four continents and has taught at Berkeley and Stanford. He's one of the most creative, problem-solving persons you’ve ever encountered.

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