Press And Media: Reporters Call Dan Janal For Great Quotes!

Press And Media: Reporters Call Dan Janal For Great Quotes!2018-07-01T17:11:50+00:00

Dan Janal gives great quotes and has the expertise and background to back up his opinions.  Call Dan Janal now at (952) 380-9844 or e-mail him at for a fast response.

He will give you great quotes on:

  • How to Write Your Book in a Flash
  • How to grow your business by writing a book
  • Media publicity tactics and strategies
  • Internet marketing
  • Internet crime and personal security
  • Traditional marketing
  • And much more!

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More About Dan Janal And Media Mentions

Dan Janal was on the PR team that launched America Online, the CD-ROM industry, GPS and the first generation of personal computers.

He is known for his accurate forecasts on how technology affects business, customers, markets and culture. He is the author of several landmark books about marketing and the Internet.

Dan Janal has been profiled in many periodicals, including The New York Times, USA Today and Success Magazine. He has been quoted in numerous publications including Los Angeles Times and Investor’s Business Daily.

He has been featured on dozens of television and radio talk shows, including CNBC’s Money Club and Today’s Business.

Reporters who need quotes about online marketing or computer crime should contact Dan Janal for great quotes.

Dan’s not a Johnny-come-lately to Internet Marketing. He was there at the beginning. Here is a partial list of articles that have quoted Dan Janal in the early days of Internet Marketing:

Major Media

  • The Huffington Post (interviewed by Arielle Ford), “TV Interviews: Should You Pay to Play?”
  • Advertising Age,  “Dot-coms apply more scrutiny to online buys”
  • “Future Tense,” National Public Radio,  Contextual commerce
  • “Future Tense,” National Public Radio,  Advertainment
  • USA Today,  “GreenStamps:From lick ’em to click ’em”
  • “Future Tense,” National Public Radio, Domain Names and Cybersquatting
  • Associated Press News Radio. Holiday Shopping on the Internet.
  • St. Paul Pioneer Press. Risky Business
  • Investors Business Daily. “Web Monitoring Data Pay If Used Wisely”
  • Boston Globe. “Bombing’s Internet Connection Debated”
  • Los Angeles Times.  “Web TV Ads Anger Site Operators”
  • Investors Business Daily.  “Web Plays Host to Virtual Trade Shows”
  • San Francisco Chronicle. Herb Greenberg’s Business Insider
  • Black Enterprise Magazine

Trade Publications

  • Webforia, Personality Profile.
  • Healthcare Marketing Report, “Web Raters Endorse Hospital Sites.”
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies and News, “Ready or Not, Here They Come: Internet Marketing Opens Up A New World of Customers.”
  • Soft-letter, “Online Marketing Tips from the Experts”
  • Network World, May 1, 1995, “Marketing Online.”

Articles by Dan Janal

  • Marketing, Marketing, Marketing column on
  • “Internet Ushers in New Era for PR,” Tactics, February 1996, Published by Public Relations Society of America
  • “Create A Presence by Providing More Benefits to Your Members via the Internet,” Credit Union Management. Published by Credit Union Executives Society.
  • “Fool Proof Positioning Statement,” Thrive.

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