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Are You an Interesting Person?
Do You Want to Write an Important Book?
Dan Janal Can Help Write Your Book.

Dan’s Newest Book: Write Your Book in a Flash

Do you want to know the secret to writing a non-fiction business book without wasting time or money?

Write Your Book in a Flash shows business executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders – like you – how to get focused fast, so you can write your book without tearing your hair out.

Most people dream of writing a book, but they get stopped in their tracks because they don’t have a system to follow. The secret to completing a book quickly is to have a system.

Unlike books that show you why you should write a book, this book actually shows you how to write a book!

Book Coaching, Editing, and Ghostwriting

Are you struggling to get your book done – or started?

Or, are you ready to get your book done and in front of your audience?

Dan Janal can help.

He’s been there – he’s written 13 books that have been translated into six languages, including one of the early books on speech-recognition technology for the masses and one of the first books about marketing on the internet.

His marketing background means he looks at your book not just from an editorial point of view, but also from a marketing point of view. That means you get more advice about how to make your book a success financially.

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Dan Janal Keynote Speaking Videos

The Los Angles Times called Dan Janal an “online marketing expert”.

USA TODAY called Dan Janal a “true Internet pioneer”.

Watch these video segments of Dan Janal, and see for yourself why Dan is an in-demand internet marketing and publicity keynote speaker, transforming audiences of 50 to 5,000+ all over the world from small businesses into big names.

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Internet Marketing and Publicity Services

What makes Dan Janal unique among book coaches, editors, and ghostwriters, as well as keynote speakers and marketing, media, and publicity consultants is, he doesn’t just teach.

He also provides many of the very services he recommends audience members and clients use!

From getting you connected with reporters who want to quote and interview you, to getting your press releases on 100 authority sites within 24 hours and into the hands of thousands of reporters, to providing an all-in-one, integrated online marketing system used by thousands of authors, speakers, consultants, and business leaders just like you – Dan has you covered.

Business Consulting and Marketing Consulting

Dan Janal helps make your ideas better. If you don’t have a clear idea, he helps you get focused so you can find that diamond in the rough.

He helps clients:

  • Create story ideas and angles that the media will eat up

  • Break through the noise at trade shows so you get the attention you deserve

  • Rise higher in the search engine rankings so you get more visitors and make more sales

  • Get speaking engagements and craft speeches

  • Outline books and help prepare your proposal

  • PLUS many other questions about marketing, internet marketing and publicity

  • And much, much more – speak with Dan today!

Some of Dan’s featured clients include:

Why You Should Hire Dan Janal Today

Dan Janal has written 13 landmark books (when you count editions and multiple-language releases around the world), including 6 for John Wiley & Sons, that have been translated into 6 languages.

He works with thought leaders and business owners as a leading book coach, developmental editor, and ghostwriter.

You will also find him frequently on webinars, podcasts, and radio shows.

Dan is probably the only person who created 8 different businesses that make $100,000 a year by using 8 different business models. He has spoken on marketing topics and futurism in six countries and four continents and has taught at Berkeley and Stanford. He’s one of the most creative, problem-solving persons you’ve ever encountered.

How can Dan Janal help you transform your business?