Dan Janal Featured on “Breakthrough Success” with Marc Guberti

Dan Janal helps leaders brand their businesses with books and publicity.

In this interview, titled “Get A Ton Of Positive Publicity For Your Business”, Dan explains the relationship between becoming a published author and getting more media publicity – and how to leverage the former to achieve the latter.


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About the Author:

Dan Janal has written over a dozen landmark books, including 6 for John Wiley & Sons, that have been translated into 6 languages. He is an inspiring business keynote speaker who helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams of creating a successful business, leading a balanced life, and achieving financial freedom. You will also find him frequently on webinars, podcasts, and radio shows. he's probably the only person who created 8 different businesses that make $100,000 a year by using 8 different business models. He has spoken on marketing topics and futurism in six countries and four continents and has taught at Berkeley and Stanford. He's one of the most creative, problem-solving persons you’ve ever encountered.

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