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Dan Janal is one of the Founding Fathers of Internet Marketing and Publicity. He wrote one of the first books on Internet Marketing back in 1994. He taught the first Internet Marketing class at Berkeley and also taught Internet Branding at Stanford. He now focuses on helping clients build their brands so they can sell more products and services.

USA Today called Dan Janal “a true cyberspace marketing pioneer.”

The Los Angeles Times called Dan Janal “an internet marketing expert” because he consulted with companies like IBM, American Express and Reader’s Digest.

Public relations strategy expert Dan Janal helps authors and small business owners become thought leaders with publicity so they can sell more products. He gets amazing results with coaching, consulting, done-for-you publicity services and do-it-yourself marketing tools.

Through his coaching and consulting services, his clients have been featured in nearly every major newspaper and magazine, including The New York Times, Forbes, Fox Business and The Wall Street Journal.

You might not know that Dan has been an in-demand speaker who has lectured everywhere from Beijing to Budapest, as well as across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil. He’s even taught at Berkeley and Stanford.

His newest books (both released in 2013) are called “Reporters Are Looking for You” and “Internet Marketing Confidential.”

Dan has also written six landmark books for John Wiley & Sons and those books have been translated into six languages. Dan believes that publicity and marketing should be about getting results.

Dan brings more than 25 years of public relations experience and expertise to you today. He was on the PR team that launched AOL. He was also involved in the launch of the CD-ROM player, GPS technology, and the first generation of personal computers.

Dan is one of the most respected teachers in public relations today and is one of the key thought leaders in this field because he was also an award-winning newspaper reporter and editor who interviewed President Gerald Ford and First Lady Barbara Bush.

Today, Dan lives on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes with his wife and two cats.

For info on his services, please go to www.PRLeadsToProfits.com

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