Speaking Topic: Sell More Books, Build Your Brand and Get More Prospects with Publicity

Speaking Topic: Sell More Books, Build Your Brand and Get More Prospects with Publicity2017-04-06T16:57:05+00:00

Publicity is an important tool for authors, speakers and small businesses because PR LEADS to profits. Getting publicity can set you apart from your competitors. Publicity can give you the visibility you need to attract new prospects and also get the credibility you need to make selling easier.

However, getting quoted in the media has never been an easy task. There’s a lot of competition from other speaker, authors and experts.

Fortunately, you will learn how to tilt the odds in your favor with proven media tactics that you can implement yourself, without hiring an expensive PR firm. You’ll also learn how to get your press releases printed on many web sites from leading media publications, like Forbes.com, CNBC.com and many city business journals, plus dozens of other websites with sizable audiences.

Here’s what you will discover:

  • How publicity can actually help you sell more books, get more speaking engagements and consulting projects.
  • The biggest mistakes people make with publicity and press releases.
  • The #1 tactic to help you dominate the search engines for your topic.
  • How to use publicity tactics on a regular basis as part of your marketing plan so you can manage the process easily and get the best results possible.

Suggested Interview Questions (for online events):

  1. Why would speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants and small businesses want to get publicity?
  2. Can you give us a few examples of authors who have benefited from PR?
  3. What are three of the biggest myths you’ve found when you coach authors and speakers?
  4. I understand you are now a big fan of sending out press releases. Why?
  5. What exactly is a press release?
  6. What topics make for good press releases?
  7. How can an author promote a book with a press release?
  8. What kind of results can you expect from a press release?
  9. How do we translate this coverage into business for our speaking, consulting and coaching profit centers?
  10. There are some people on this call who don’t have time to write press releases. I understand that you have done-for-you services. Can you write press releases for them? How does that work?

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