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Dan Janal
Entrepreneur Success Speaker
Thank you so much for a wonderful meeting yesterday. You provided me with great insight and motivation. I ordered the book on Amazon and am looking forward to reading it.
Quinn Nystrom
Author / A Fresh Perspective On Living With Diabetes
Dan, your coaching and advising has truly added to the growth of my public relations campaign. You are a true partner and I appreciate your tireless effort to help improve and accelerate my success with the media. I am so glad to have you on my team.
Dr. David Washington
Author / Life is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life
Dan’s coaching helped me get a reality check on what works in today’s marketplace. I now have a more realistic game plan.
Bruce Freeman
ProLine Communications
After just 30 minutes, Dan helped me transform the ‘fog’ of trying to find the right media angle, to being crystal clear about what will work in the media. Thank you, Dan! I’m excited to move forward with what we discussed today.
Christine Kloser
The Transformation Catalyst
Dan is a no nonsense, senior-level communicator with a strong grasp of what makes public relations campaigns work. Hire him if you want fast results from a real pro.
Eric Schwartzman
Author / B2B Social Media Book
Dan helped me figure out the right target market for my marketing strategy. By using Google metrics, we defined my market niche and created a focus my article campaign. Fabulous progress in a short amount of time! You are the smartest guy in PR I know, and I want to be doing more. Can’t wait!
Mary Kelly
CEO / Productive Leaders
Dan and I teamed up on a project. His dedication to getting results, underscored by his creativity made my job so much easier. I was able to rely on him AND meet all my deadlines. When the results came in my client was thrilled.
Sharon Fenster
Fenster Communications
Dan Janal goes the extra hundreds of miles for you. The wise choice he made on my behalf to position me as a life coach instead of a relationship coach helped me receive tremendous buzz and traffic to my site. Simply said more business, more exposure and more avenues to help large audiences and continue to pursue my passion in life. What else can we ask for?
Ana Weber
You’re the “real deal” when it comes to publicity because you got me more “ink” in two years with PR Leads than the other folks did in three years charging five times as much! What I need now is to turn some of that publicity into actual clients with your internet savvy skills.
Jeff Harris
Author / “Retire Rich and Happy: 12 Secrets to Retirement Success”
You are a PR genius. Thanks for suggesting a great strategy by identifying my key buyer and pushing me to go out of my confort zone and have coffee with a stranger. With persistence I found the right person, got the coffee date, and walked away with a great ally who wants to publish my articles and book me as a speaker.
Henry DeVries
New Client Marketing Institute
One of the best things about working with Dan Janal is his ability to apply his expertise and experience to the client’s specific needs. He listens carefully to what you want to accomplish, and then provides the direction and roadmap to get there. He goes the extra mile to deliver extraordinary service. He is a valued colleague.
Gaye Lindfors
President / National Speakers Association – MN Chapter
Thank you for helping me get my positioning together. By the third day of the SF writer’s conference, I would start to say “modern-day Abraham” and the person I was meeting would cut me off and say “I’ve heard of you.” My top choice for agent asked for my proposal after a 30 second pitch using our tag line.
Gregory Marcus, Ph.D.
Author / Busting Your Corporate Idol
You made a complex process simple. Dan, you opened doors which I did not know existed, and turned the strange and complicated world of PR into a simple, effective plan. As most brilliant people do, you made a complex process simple. Thank you.
Paul King
CEO / Hercules Network
Dan, Thank you so much for your incredible class on internet marketing. I have used your techniques to establish myself on the Web by hosting an on-line chat on stress. This has brought me new business, and I will soon be hosting a bulletin board on life-work balance and stress management.
Simma Lieberman
Dan, (1) Enjoyed the seminar. (2) Learned a lot of things which we will apply here at Orion. I have set my web guy to the task of getting our meta tags up to speed. Look forward to hearing from you from time to time.
Sam Bacasse
Dan: I attended your Successful Online Marketing seminar, sponsored by DMAW, at Virginia Tech a couple of weeks ago. I found it to be very thorough and informative - you packed a lot of information into a short amount of time! So thanks for the excellent seminar.
Kristen M. Newton
Marketing Manager / FDC Reports, Inc.
Dear Mr. Janal, I was at your seminar on marketing during the AIIP conference. I had a great time and learned a lot. Thanks for the offer. As I’m sure you can imagine, marketing for researchers isn’t always the easiest thing. You actually made it seem fun. Thank you.
Christi Exman
In The Know
Your book is great; thanks for many great ideas.
David Nassief
I attended a seminar you ran for Online Marketing in Chicago a few years ago. During your presentation you gave a formula for a positioning statement to be put in the META Tag and signature on a company’s website. I’ve used this a couple of times.
Mary M. Hills
I attended your seminar through the DMAW (it was truly one of the most valuable seminars I’ve attended). And I still reference your handbook quite frequently! Thank you!
Linda C. O’Neal
Marketing Executive, Web Commerce / GTSI
Dear Dan, I was reviewing my notes and your materials from the Stanford ‘Successful Online Marketing’ workshop. There are many valuable, useful and practical pieces of information here. Your presentation was impressive.
Marg Clennon
Dear Mr. Janal: I became an avid follower of yours after hearing you at a Capital City Communicators spring seminar presentation in Boise a couple of years ago. I’ve been following your writing ever since.
Ralph Poore
I’m quickly becoming a hero. Since I was in your class I provided a 17-page study of past web marketing efforts and suggestions for the future as an integrated marketing plan. I’ve since received a small promotion and am managing the marketing end of the web site. Thank you for your information and the chance to participate in your class.
Jacque Gonzales
Marketing Communications / Quintus Corporation
below the level of most people in the class, but right on the money. It’s always a good sign to leave a seminar with a REAL to-do list.
Andrea Pook
EBMUD Water Conservation Representative
Dear Dan, I wanted to let you know that I greatly enjoyed the online marketing class and that I will make good use of your advice.
Claudia Winkler
Dan, It was such a pleasure to meet you at the NSA convention. I enjoyed your session more than any others that I attended. I will look forward to implementing many of your practical ideas in the near future. Please let us know if you are in the Columbus area so we can do lunch. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Ron Specht
Street Fighter Mkt
Thanks, Dan, for the great talk at our IABC conference. I told the IABC folks that I thought your presentation was one of the highlights of a fabulous conference.
Ellen Zimmerman
Dan: I think your session on online marketing at the recent IABC International Conference in New Orleans was outstanding. I would love to take you up on your offer of receiving your Online Marketing Magazine – please sign me up! Again, I really got a lot out of your presentation. Thanks. P.S. I just went online to Amazon and bought your book.
Kim Kavalec
Hi, I attended your wonderful workshop at the IABC conference this week and forgot to leave you a card requesting your online marketing newsletter. Please add me to the list. Thanks for educating us on so many internet topics in one session!
April Canik
Dear Dan, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your work. You have really give me some great ideas and information that has helped my company. Thanks again!
Jason Apfel
President / FragranceNet
I hope I can contribute to your growing success. You have earned it. ATEL sent me a tape of your talk before ELA. I very much appreciated the kind remarks. I also learned a few things from listening to it, like putting my telephone number and address on all the pages. There were some other things I picked up. I am a big fan. Thank you for including me. Congratulations, again.
Kit Menkin
Dan, I heard you speak at the Equipment Leasing Association Conference. You helped me improve my site. Thank you.
Michael T. Dobbins
Tax Compliance, Inc.
Hi Dan: We spoke briefly after your talk at the spring conference of AIIP in Orlando, FL. I enjoyed your talk, found it interesting, well done and educational.As such I have recommended you to some folks who are looking for guest speakers. Hope it works out. Also on the list of well done is your e-mail newsletter, thought you ought to know...
Burt Newman
I have been able to implement many of your suggestions for effective use of the Internet, and plan to attend future conferences and seminars featuring your entertaining and helpful presentations.
Todd Miller
Senior Editor, Market and Product Development Department / Chicago Board of Trade
Dan, I also want to let you know that I enjoyed the seminar very much. It was certainly a learning experience.
Anna DiLorenzo
In critiquing your on-line marketing seminar, I suggest a ‘call to action’ for any PR practitioner seeking expert guidance and seasoned insight about the internet to ‘Get Dan Now!’
Michael Strand
Vice President / MARCOM
Thanks, Dan for a great seminar. I was an attendee at your Online Marketing Seminar in New York. It was just about the most practical seminar I have ever attended. Usually I feel lucky to learn even a handful of things at a seminar. At yours, I came away with lots of great ideas and WAYS OF EXECUTING THEM!! Thanks again.
Eve Rose
Really liked your seminar at the AIIP conference.
Linda M. Stevenson
KnowledgeWorks! / Better Decisions Through Information Acquisition & Analysis
Dan, Thanks for the great seminar at the Holiday Inn last week…I look forward to remaining in touch with you.
Jerold Pearson
Director of Market Research / Stanford University
I enjoyed and learned a great deal... wished you could have gone on for hours. Thank you!
Vincent T. Poscente
Dan, I attended the PR meetings in New York and I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say that thanks for giving your presentation. It was very informative and I know I took a lot out of it. Thanks again!
Brian Parker
Media Relations Assistant / Buffalo Bills
Thanks for the excellent presentation yesterday. I got alot of unsolicited positive feedback based on your programs...thanks again.
Jeffrey McCracken
US Bureau of Reclamation
Thank you so much for speaking at the conference – the evaluations of your session are glowing. Am sorry I couldn’t attend the whole session and talk with you afterwards. Hope you were pleased too.
Barbara Heuer
Heuer Research / for AIIP, Association of Infomation Industry Professionals
This seminar was easily the best I’ve attended in many years…All of the recommendations, tips and suggestions you offered will be very helpful, but for me the most valuable part of your seminar was your emphasis and approach for integrating online marketing with overall marketing strategy.
Sarah Blanchard
Technical Editor / Crabtree & Evelyn
Our members also appreciated that you took the time to speak one-on-one and with individuals and small groups after your presentation.
John E. Lewis
Association of Independent Information Professionals
We really appreciated the way you tailored the material to our needs and interests as professional communicators and drew on individuals and their employers to build case studies illustrating how going on-line will enable us to do our jobs more effectively.
Lisa Iervolino
Women in Communications, Inc. Chicago Chapter
Your presentation added significantly to the value of the conference.
Robert M. Parker
Iowa Small Business Development Center
Your presentation skills are first rate and the information you gave the audience on developing a viable marketing strategy using the Internet was invaluable.
Lesley Sterling
Equipment Leasing Association
Having Dan open our seminars with a general discussion about the do’s and don’ts of Web site marketing has added credibility to our agenda...
Laura Stein
Accrue Software
I guess I don’t have to tell you how successful your keynote presentation was on Saturday morning. After all, just about your entire audience followed you to your workshop right afterwards! Talk about your 'Pied Pipers.'
Raymond M Williams
Executive Vice President / United Association of Equipment Leasing
Your presentation was enormously valuable and we all got a lot out of it. You injected it with humor and honesty and captured everyone’s attention.
Pat Meier
CEO / Pat Meier Public Relations, San Francisco
As one senior CEO said to me, "I learned more from that guy in 1/2 hour than all the reading and talking I’ve done in the past year. He really got to the basics."
Tom O’Flaherty
Executive Director / TIA Summer Institute 96, Vancouver
The session was very well received by the comments from the participants…We will certainly keep you in mind for future sessions on marketing and the Internet.
Shaun Sweeney
Chair, Mid-Island Science / Technology and Innovation Council, British Columbia
Your overall score was second-highest among the 15 sessions of the conference — a 4.61 on a scale of 1 to 5… I look forward to working with you once again on future projects.
Robert Shapiro
Publisher / United Communications Group
Your keynote speech on the future of PR and marketing had us all sitting on the edge of our seats! Dan was superb!
Deb Haury
Capital City Communicators, Boise, ID
Your insights helped pioneer our roundtables, making them fast-paced, effective, demanding and extremely useful for participants.
Jean Gaddy Wilson
Executive Director / New Directions for News
You gave a clear and concise picture of what it took to sell ourselves and our products. In addition, the personal comments you made during the one-on-one session were invaluable.
Betty J. Packard
President / California Press Women, Inc.
Your two sessions at our Toronto Conference, Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations on the Internet, received the highest ratings from our attendees.
Dan Oswald
President / Ragan Communications
Thanks for speaking at our national seminar. We appreciate the fact you customized your program, included original research, interviewed our members before the talk, and presented many strategies that our members can use right away.
Timothy G. White
Director of Education / National Ski Areas Association
Your presentation was exactly on target.
Carlos A. C. Da Silva, Ph.D.
Executive Director / Softex 2000, Brazil
Your session was very well received and ranked very high on our evaluation. Thanks again to you for sharing your expertise and counsel along the way. We appreciate your support of the Minnesota tourism industry.
Jan Sawinski
Conference Coordinator / Minnesota Trade & Economic Development
Oh, what a legacy you have left in Philadelphia! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the time, energy and dollars you have invested in delivering your wisdom to all of us.
Glenna Salsbury
Previous President / National Speakers Association
We want to express our thanks, and that of all the attendees, for the care and effort you put into the development and execution of "Using the Internet to Build 1-1 Relationships with Customers."
Kimberly Meyer
Director of Education / Meeting Professionals International
The class was filled with tips that moved me light years ahead of where I was in the learning curve.
Lisa Fleishman-Hicks
Assistant Vice President / Commonwealth Risk
Congratulations on being designated a ‘Stellar Speaker’ by the conference participants. It is a clear indication of your professional expertise and teaching abilities.
Eustace D. Theodore
President / Council for Advancement and Support of Education
Dear Mr. Janal: I just finished the 4-month diploma program in Marketing at UC Berkeley Extension and I wish to open my own consulting company about online marketing in Switzerland. I am reading your book “Online Marketing Handbook″ and it is the best book I have read about online marketing.
Theo Gerber
I went to your 1 day seminar in DC/VA. Have been using your book and ideas to develop a membership marketing plan for my non-profit organization. it has been very helpful. perhaps you should consider doing a book for non-profits. I was the person from NARAL. Thanks for the point in the right direction or at least a logical direction.
Sarah Needham

Who Is Dan Janal?

I'm Dan Janal. I've written 8 landmark books, including 6 for John Wiley & Sons, that have been translated into 6 languages. I'm an inspiring business keynote speaker who helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams of creating a successful business, leading a balanced life, and achieving financial freedom. You will also find me frequently on webinars, podcasts, and radio shows. I'm probably the only person who created 8 different businesses that make $100,000 a year by using 8 different business models. I’ve spoken on marketing topics and futurism in six countries and four continents and have taught at Berkeley and Stanford. I’m one of the most creative, problem-solving persons you’ve ever encountered. How can I help you?

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